TvO Technology is a company headquartered in Taiwan with a vision of becoming the leading AI + IoT + Communication platform provider.

At TvO Technology, our team strive to create human innovations and advanced technologies to enhance voice / visual / text and how human interact.



TVO Technology provides Enterprise Video Algorithm + Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Image Processing and Analysis (IPA), Pattern Recognition (PR) and Computer Vision (CV).+ IoT + Digital Communication solutions.  We revolutionize how businesses communicate internally and externally with decades of experience in both embedded and cloud-based AI /IoT solutions.


TVO Technology empowers today’s mobile work force to be connected anywhere anytime through voice, video, company messaging,  file sharing, SMS, video conference and online meeting with AI powered innovations.   


Powered by innovation, TVO Technology digs deep into AI technologies and application on facial recognition, image processing, voice and text communication. We believe the future of business communication will be revolutionized by cloud and AI and we innovate to continuously bring value and lower cost by improving mobility, flexibility and business efficiency for our customers.


The company was founded by a group of technology savy veterans that has many years of experience in research and development in Video Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision (CV), IoT, and advanced cloud telecommunications value-added services platform. 

Today we serves more than 1,000+ enterprise customers and continue to grow rapidly.

We value our employee and provide great working environment. We welcome talent to join our family and together we can continue to revolutionize the enterprise communication industry.



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